XJLink2 — USB JTAG controller


USB JTAG controller
• 4 TAPs, multi-voltage
• Lightweight & portable
• Configurable JTAG port

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Features XJLink2 XJLink
Connects to up to 4 JTAG chains on the UUT
Handles different cable and board configurations
USB bus-powered (no external PSU)
TCK clock frequencies up to 166 MHz 50 MHz
Two different voltages can be configured, from 1.1 V to 3.3 V in 0.1 V steps
Button to start test
Visual indication of test status
High speed USB 2.0 interface, backwards compatible with USB 1.0 & 1.1
Adjustable JTAG signal termination
Spare pins on the JTAG connector can be used in place of the button or to indicate the test status
Pins can also be used as general purpose I/O during testing, for example for fast Flash programming
Spare pins can be used to control other items — e.g. hold a board in reset / turn on a PSU
Automatic signal skew control
Can supply power to the target board through the JTAG connector (3.3 V, <100 mA)
Built in voltage meter on all I/O pins. Voltage input: Min 0, Max 5 V
Frequency counter on all I/O pins. Frequency input: Min 1 Hz, Max 200 MHz.
Selectable measurement period of 1 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 s, 10 s
JTAG signals are +5 V tolerant
Simple DLL API interface: includes commands such as tmsReset() irScan() drScan() etc.
Available in two colours allowing users to differentiate between units with different licences


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