PXI – XJLink2


USB JTAG controller
• 4 TAPs, multi-voltage
• Lightweight & portable
• Configurable JTAG port

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PXI JTAG controller
• XJLink2 compatible
• Fits into a PXI rack for LabVIEW, LabWindows or test stand integration

Key Benefits
• Standard PXI interface: ideal for lab and production work.
• Modular, scalable solution.
• Self-contained licence allows you to run XJTAG from a standalone PXI rack.
• Re-configurable unit for multiple UUTs saving costs.
• Easy integration with NI’s LabVIEW™ and TestStand™*.

• 32 bit PXI/cPCI bus interface.
• NI LabVIEW Virtual Instruments (VIs) available (National Instruments).
• 3U form factor.
• Connects to up to 4 JTAG chains on the UUT.
• Handles different cable and board configurations.
• TCK clock frequencies up to 166 MHz.
• Two different voltages can be configured, from 1.1V to 3.3V in 0.1V steps
• Visual indication of test status.
• Adjustable JTAG signal termination.
• Automatic signal skew control.
• Can supply power to the target board through the JTAG connector (3.3V, <100mA).
• Built in voltage meter on all I/O pins. Voltage input: Min 0, Max 5 V
• Frequency counter on all I/O pins. Frequency input: Min 1 Hz, Max 200 MHz. Selectable measurement period of 1 ms, 10 ms, 100 ms, 1 s, 10 s
• JTAG signals are +5V tolerant.
• Spare pins on the JTAG connector can be used to indicate the test status or to control other items — e.g. hold a board in reset / turn on a PSU.
• Pins can also be used as general purpose I/O during testing, for example for fast Flash programming.
• Simple DLL API interface: includes commands such as tmsReset() irScan() drScan() etc.
• Full tutorials provided for all software packages based on supplied demonstration hardware.


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