Fault Detector and Oscilloscope 9 Functions in 1 Device


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1.Dual – Channel Fault Detection by V / T tester (Analog Signature Analyzer – Trouble Shooting)
Fault detection by direct comparison of the current-voltage characteristics (signatures) of a working and a faulty circuit board without applying power to the unit under test2.Fault Detection by Comparison with Stored Signatures (Memory)
Signatures of a functioning board can be saved and used at a later time as a reference for troubleshooting a faulty board. The point to touch can be indicated by a cross hair mark at an image of the board.3.Equivalent Circuit Diagram***
Display of an equivalent circuit that corresponds to the characteristic on the touched point4.Display Values of Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor and Diode Threshold***
Display the calculated values of resistance, capacitors, inductor and diode threshold voltages corresponding to the conditions at the contacted node5.Dual – Channel Digital PC Oscilloscope
As occasion may require, device can be used as oscilloscope6.0.2… 25KHz Square Wave Signal Output
Channel 2 is used as a square wave generator. Channel 1 can be used as an oscilloscope7.Analogue Voltage Output (2,5 mV Sensitivity)
Channel 2 is used as Analog DC output -10 V +10 V. Channel 1 can be used as an oscilloscope8.Programmable Integrated DC Power Supply for Creating Power DC VI Graph****
The output voltage is adjustable. 0 to 16 volts with an output current 20 to 1500 mA, for giving energy to circuit board and creating Power DC Voltage-Current Graph9.Non Touched IR Temperature Sensor ****
To detect more heated components and draw a heat map of the circuit board*** These Functions are Unique Features of 7F1 and 9F1**** These Functions are New Unique Features of 9F1


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